Thursday, 8 January 2015

The Migrant's Journey.

Labadi beach, Accra-Ghana. 

Svestrup - Denmark

Lecture tour - Danish UNESCO TST Schools Programme.

Discovering Danish ancestor's gravestone at Elsinore.

"Over the decades the Migrant Journey has become more a question of Routes more than Roots, but to where do Migrants feel they belong? This is a great story from Kojo who took the most dangerous of Routes across the Sahara but is now helping others rediscover their Roots, the Quest for Identity.

His Sahara Trek at the age of 21 years is an unmissable story of our times today if we feel a need to understand those without which the world would tick less well: "I left home in Ghana for the second time and successfully crossed the Sahara Desert. This was a tough trip; part of the journey was made on foot. It was along the routes, where enslaved Africans were transported to the Mediterranean for centuries." It was on that ensuing global journey he found his Inner Voice: "We can become free from our 'cosy prisons' or 'comfort zones' which are filled with stress and depression, by following our inner voice."

What can we learn from his Quest for Identity: "Although we live our lives through a constellation of identities, our core identity is connected to all things. This journey has taught me that ‘Identity equals oneness’ and we must be present in the moments of life to have a great life." If only society in general came to understood just that....?."

- Richard O'Farrell - Originator of "The E-Communities.Coop" group, Founder of VOXWORLD.COOP Ethical Label & Promoter of ICCO (SCE) worldwide.

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