Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Environmental Sustainability - Saving the planet for the future. International Youth Exchange. COPENHAGEN, Denmark. June 28 - July 7 2012.


Environmental Sustainability
"Save the Planet for The Future"

28/06/12 Thursday
Travel day to
Lithuania, Sweden start travel via vans/cars
Arrival advance groups to Denmark
Setup housing at Ishøj Ungdomsskole

29/06/12 Friday
Arrival day - Before 14:00
Introduction of Culture house – Ishøj Ungdomsskole
Peer 2 Peer Education – “Learning from the ground up”
Working groups - Viral Networking / Dance & Music / Film & Photo
 ¤ Flash mobbing? Negatives/Positive
   * Forms of mob reactions (Stop the Violence)
 ¤ Viral networking - Future of Internet SOPA law
   * (Godaddy and Reddit campaign)
 ¤ Photo gallery in
 ¤ Cooperation with "Transport Studio" Den Rap Fabrik

30/06/12 Saturday
European Cultural Festival
Setup equipment at Huset Café
Music/Dance Workgroup - Deliver music & Sound check
Photo/Video Workgroup – Setup Photo gallery
Art/Network Workshop – Prepare media gallery – video slideshow
20:00 Social Media Festival – Cooperation with local associations/youth
02:00 End of Days events – Breakdown of Equipment

01/07/12 Sunday
Breakdown equipment from Huset Café
Review of Social Media Festival
·         Local cooperation – Youth participants “from Denmark
·         How to become active “Using Social Media to connect”
Bar-B-Que at Ishøj Ungdomsskole
Finals – European Championship

02/07/12 Monday
Presentation of Associations
Video presentation via Skype in stage room Ishøj Ungdomsskole
A Sea Change - (Barbara Ettinger & Sven Huseby)
Lecture about Ocean Acidification -
Questions & Answers for A Sea Change
Where do we go from here. Getting active

03/07/12 Tuesday
Presentation – Youth Program
Youth in Action (2007 – 2013) How to write applications
Discussion with Assar Quashi - Ministry of Climate and Energy
Environmental Sustainability "How to Save the Planet and the Future"
Working Groups – Tasks & Agenda
Lecture Michael Hoffman, Atrentia “Using Social Media – Trends”

04/07/12 Wednesday
Brønderslev Ungdomsskole & Project - Build BMX Track
Recycled tire campaign from
KBH to Brønderslev
  * (50-150 tires, dirt, art, monument)
Youth In Action monument for end of program 2013.
Travel to Gøteborg, Sweden
Presentation: Brønderslev Ungdomsskole (Peter Vestergaard)

05/07/12 Thursday
Day tour –
Roskilde, Denmark
Cooperation with Sustainability campaign
Kojo Jantuah “What Colour Is Your Apple”
   * Life Coaching – How to move forward
Working Groups – Tasks & Agenda

06/07/12 Friday
Transport Studio – Production
Lecture – Sustainability with Roskilde Festival
Sustainability campaign Roskilde Fund
Tour Hedebygade “Sustainable backyard”, Eric
Social Media Festival at Hedebygade building
Social Evening (saying goodbye)

07/07/12 Saturday
Collection of documentation